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Atatürk and Space Technology

“The most effective weapon of the future, the tool will also have no doubt the airplane. One day I walk in the sky plane that human beings, planets go, maybe months, we will send the news. Needless to wait for the 2000 year of assessment will this miracle. Announces that we are already developing technology. Our task is not to live to the west to supply much about it.”

Gazi Mustafa Kemal

BUGİAD "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award

This year, 2 percent Entrepreneurial Businessmen's Association held in Bursa (BUGİAD) awards were announced at a ceremony held on 27 February 2011. Economic, social and cultural fields, forming additives industrialists, businessmen, officials, sports scientists and managers to be awarded in 10 different categories are awarded for overnight names were the votes of the members of BUGİAD.

Our company is a partner, Mr. Dt.Uğur Özen, sky-home devices, which has become an important sector abroad, in order to show the success of manufacturing in our country, 2.BUGİAD awards in the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

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