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Privacy Policy

  • Astropark, kullanıcıların Astropark, users' personal information www.astropark.org forwarded via the website, and scope out the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy, will not disclose to third parties. Personal information, name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address as well as any other information to identify the user briefly comprise referred to as Confidential Information.
  • Astropark, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and User Agreement or third parties will not disclose your personal information to any company.
    Astropark, personal information, and statistical studies to determine the purpose of their use within the customer profile, and only for the purpose of these studies may share with Part 3.
  • Astropark, to keep your personal information private and confidential, assume the obligation of keeping it a secret, achieving and maintaining the confidentiality of confidential information into the public domain the whole or any part of, or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party to take the necessary measures to prevent and to show due diligence is committed. Despite the fact that the necessary information security measures Astropark, www.astropark.org site, and as a result of the attacks on the system into the hands of third parties in the event of damage or confidential information, shall have no responsibility Astropark.
  • Astropark, www.astropark.org site users and users on the use of information, technical communication file (Cookie-Cookie) can achieve using. However, the users if they want to avoid the technical contact or technical contact file, the file is sent to change the browser settings to ensure the delivery of the warning.

Astropark, the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a unilateral change www.astropark.org site. Astropark change the provisions of the Privacy Policy, www.astropark.org site enters into force on the date of publication.