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User Agreement

1 Parties

As a registered user of the Site Astropark Planetarium with this contract, the user is designed to be a member of the Site.

User as a member of the Site, read the entire User Agreement, and understands the contents of the whole, and agreed to all the terms, and warrants.

2 Definitions

Astropark: Astropark Planetarium Systems

User: The site is a member of the services offered on the Site, within the conditions specified in this contract or legal person benefiting from

Buyer: Through the use of services offered on the Site, which is offered for sale by the seller of goods and / or services to the purchaser's

Seller: Through the use of services offered on the Site, having ownership of the legal right and authority to dispose of the property is located, and to have the goods and / or services, which are available for other users to your

Site: www.astropark.org named sub-domain names on behalf of the field name, and this area of ​​the website

Astropark Services (hereinafter "Service"): Allows users to perform business and operations in order to ensure the user is defined in the Convention, by Astropark, practices laid out in the site
Astropark, which is defined in the Convention's business and operations users can perform more efficiently in order to provide Services at any time, modify and / or make adjustments. Astropark these changes made by and / or adjustments are required to comply with the rules and conditions regarding the users, Astropark by users on the web page that contains a description of the use of the service requested.

3 Subject and Scope of the Convention

User Agreement subject to the Site, the Services offered these services, eligibility requirements, and the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties.
User Agreement scope of this contract and annexes contained in this site, use, membership in the Service made by the Astropark totally alert, such as text and description statements. User, the User Agreement agreeing to the provisions, contained in Site usage, membership and all kinds of services in relation to the statement released by Astropark are agreeing to. The user will behave in accordance with all issues specified in the aforementioned statements acceptance, declare and undertake.

4 Membership and Service Terms of Use

a) Membership section on the site, by the person who wants to be the user credentials required to be a member of the Site by sending the registration process by Astropark done and with the approval of the registration process is completed. Membership process is completed, the user being defined in this contract shall not be entitled to the rights and.

b) To be a member of the site, in accordance with Article 5.2 of this Agreement, and to a minor, by Astropark temporarily removed from membership, or membership should not be banned unlimited. Underage or as noted above, in accordance with Article 5.2 of this Agreement, by Astropark temporarily removed from membership, or membership of people who have been banned indefinitely Site have completed the registration process, the Site would not result in being a part of.

5 Rights and Obligations

5.1. Rights and Obligations of the user

a) The membership of the procedures for the fulfillment of the site and the services provided on the site while performing any operation relating to the Services, all of the Convention's requirements, specified in the relevant places in the site will comply with all applicable rules and regulations, all of the above-mentioned rules and regulations, understood and agreed, and warrants.

b) The user, in accordance with the applicable mandatory provisions of the legislation or other users in case of an alleged violation of the rights of third parties, Astropark its own confidential / private / commercial information as well as to the authorities, and would be authorized to explain to the people, and therefore the rightful owner Astropark claim for compensation can not be accepted under any name whatever, and warrants.

c) Access to the system used by the users to take advantage of the services offered by Astropark tools (user name, password, etc.), security, storage, and use of third parties, keeping away from considerations about the situation is completely the responsibility of the users. Users log into the system means security, storage, keeping away from third parties, such as the use of negligence and defects due to all of the issues that users and / or third parties for damages suffered or incurred pursuant Astropark, directly or indirectly, has no responsibility.

d) Users Site within the information and content provided by them is correct and lawful, acceptance, declare and undertake. Astropark, Astropark transmitted by users through the site by themselves, installed or modified, or the accuracy of the provided information and content of research, such information and content, safe, accurate and lawful, and responsible as it is not obliged to warrant that such information and content, Due to the erroneous is not responsible for any damages that arise.

e) Users Astropark without the written consent, your rights and obligations under the Convention, in part or in whole, or transfer to any third party.

f) The beneficiaries of the services offered by Astropark and use the Site only lawful purposes, can operate on the site. Users of each transaction made within the site and the action is their own civil and criminal liability. Each user Astropark and / or other proprietary rights of a third party or in kind, or the assets will constitute rape, Site, located within the images, text, visual and auditory images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists duplicate, copy, distribute, work if, with such actions as well as by other means Astropark directly and / or indirectly, will not compete, and warrants. Astropark, users User Agreement provisions and / or in violation of the law because of their activities on the Site, or damages incurred by third parties directly and / or indirectly, in any way be held responsible.

g) Including users of the services provided by third parties and for content published on the site Astropark, Astropark have no responsibility for their employees or managers. By any third party, provided and published information, content, visual and auditory images of the lawfulness of accuracy and commitment to the responsibility of all people who perform these actions. Astropark, including users of services provided by third parties and the content, security, accuracy and legality of, and commitment can not guarantee that.

5.2. Rights and Obligations of Astropark

Astropark, offered services and contents of the site change at any time, system information and contents uploaded by users, including users, third parties to access it reserves the right to close and delete. Astropark the right, without notice and without önel use. Astropark requested by the changes and / or correction requests, if necessary, can be done by Astropark. Astropark requested by the changes and / or corrections to fulfill the demands of the time by users arising out of or damage due to legal and criminal liability, fully owned by the users.

b) Astropark, through the site, Astropark beyond its control third-party vendors, providers and other web sites owned and operated by other third parties and / or portals, files or contents 'link' can. These links are provided by users or by Astropark may be due to ease of reference only, and to support the person who runs the web site or the site or the information contained on the web site or does not constitute a representation or warranty of any kind. Accessed through links on the site of portals, websites, files and content, portals or web sites accessed through these links, or products or services offered Astropark have no responsibility for their content.

c) Astropark, user information contained in the Site or your information on membership, user security, and their own obligation to fulfill the main page of the site created by the aforementioned websites and its group companies within the Site (www.Astropark.org) on ​​marketing, promotion and wishes of some use for statistical evaluations to make and use the contact form. Can classify and maintain them on a database.

f) Astropark, took place on the site between the users and the operation of the Site and / or End User License Agreement and / or the general rules of the Site and / or contrary to the general code of ethics, and not being able to be accepted by Astropark messages and / or content required in order to determine content and / or the message can scan and detect the message and / or remove content at any time and access to; Astropark, this message and / or content on the alert the user and / or the user's membership, without any notice, temporarily or permanently, could last.

g) Users and Astropark legally independent parties. Between the partnership, agency or there is no employer-employee relationship. As a result of the ratification and implementation of the User Agreement, partnership, agency or employer-employee relationship is born.

h) That users uploaded to the site became a member of the system "user names" are subject to the provisions contained in this User Agreement, Users "user name" in determining the name of third party copyright, trademark, trade name must not violate the legal rights, such as. Users to breach the provisions of this Article, the user may request the correction of this situation Astropark violation of the Convention, such as the user wishes, without notice to the user's membership may be temporarily or permanently canceled.

i) Astropark, preliminary information on the sales made through the site form and stores distance sales contracts for a period of 3 years and in that time the sales contract, and the preliminary information form this distance at the request of the buyer and seller share the acceptance, declare and undertake.

6 Privacy Policy

Astropark, confidential information of the users, unlike User Agreement except to the extent permissible, kullandırılmaz third persons and institutions.

7 Other Provisions

7.1. Intellectual Property Rights

a) Site (design, text, images, html code and other codes, including but not limited to) all the elements (subject to copyright Astropark studies) Astropark as belonging to and / or from a third party by Astropark are used under license from the right. Users Astropark Services, Astropark Astropark information and may not be resold subject to the copyright work, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, make or prepare derivative works of them, or anyone else who can not allow to access or use Astropark Hizmet, otherwise, licensors, including, but not limited to, the amount of damages claimed by third parties for damages Astropark and court costs and attorney fees, including, but not limited to, will be responsible for meeting any other obligations.

b) Astropark, Astropark Services, Astropark information subject to copyright Astropark studies Astropark trademarks, trade dress or the Site by Astropark-owned intellectual property rights of any kind, including property and all the property, real and personal rights, commercial information and All rights reserved to the know-how.

7.2. Amendments to the Convention

Astropark, and one-sided in its sole discretion, of this User Agreement, deems appropriate at any time by posting the site to change. The amended provisions of this User Agreement, will take effect on the date they were announced, the remaining provisions shall continue to have full force and effect and consequences of remaining provisions. This User Agreement, the user can not be changed by the unilateral declarations.

7.3. Force Majeure

Legally 'force majeure' In all cases considered, Astropark, work in this User Agreement is determined by any of its obligations due to late or incomplete is not obligated to exercise or not to perform. This and similar cases, to Astropark, delays, missing or default be deemed to exercise or performance or to claim compensation under these circumstances will not be any name for from the Astropark. "Force majeure" means, natural disaster, riot, war, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure, and internet failures, power outages and bad weather conditions, including but not limited to, despite the necessary care about the party's reasonable control and not prevented, be interpreted as unavoidable events.

7.4. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This User Agreement implementation, interpretation and management of the legal relations arising under the provisions of Turkish law shall be applied. This user Bursa Convention on the settlement of any dispute arising out of or authorized the Executive Office of the Courts.

7.5. Termination of the contract

This User Agreement will remain in effect as long as the user is a member of the Site, and will continue to have effect between the parties, and judgment;'s membership expires, or in cases of temporary or permanent suspension of membership shall be terminated.

Astropark, users of this User Agreement, and / or, the use of the site, membership and services, and especially in the case of violations of the rules listed below for the other cases, the contract unilaterally feshedebilecek and users due to the termination, all damages suffered Astropark will be obliged to compensate:

a) The user, using any method, the site will manipulate the operation of finding behavior,

b) The transfer or use someone else's user profile created for it to open,

c) Which infringe the rights of third parties, the user and / or the presence of elephants in danger.