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Multiple Projection Systems

The use of technology to meet the needs of the developing world on the planetarium systems and at the same time to reach more users with a multi-display systems, the development of studies have been carried out. These systems support to improve the quality of the image, as well as provides results of a satisfactory level of visual richness. Increasing the number of pixels per unit area will fall to the increasing need display areas, and over 7 meters must have planetarium systems analysis, multi-projection systems to be solved. Environment affected by the viewer for image quality, the harmony between the scenes, the system consistency in terms of the appropriate resolution, multi-projector systems. However, it should be noted that, increasing the number of dimensions of the system must increase in proportion to undertake to view. Behind this technology is emerging and nascent stereographic imaging systems. Stereographic viewer with multiple systems through the development of these systems, giving you the feeling touched by creating realistic images, audio and video-rich learning can be achieved. Thus, the viewer inevitably be affected.

Cacabey Digital Version, system 3, 6, or using the projector with a dome planetarium shows, and is designed to perform to show movies from fulldome features, sound system, used in many fields, such as specialized software.

  • MPEG, MPEG2, MP4, MOV 4096x4096 all fulldome format to show films
  • 3 or 6-point-dome projector placement system support
  • For each projector bent (warped) to create images online
  • Cacabey Stellarium customized software to open source. (Cacarium 1.0)
  • Provide enhanced remote management functions Stellarium program
  • Panoramic images in the preparation and presentation program



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