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Professional Video Systems in Turkey as the leading company in the information technology industry. Leading company in the placement of call to the service come from abroad because we are a product of the company is a supplier is not only presenting, producing the world 'alongside the emerging of the new technologies available for use in the electronics industry in our country, who is also a brand and products in the domestic production, efficient, reasonable prices, and the new technologies We offer systems with.

Our company is the advancement of our country and the developed countries, the private sector and the public space that is required to be included among the uses of technological systems.

We are consistently the best solution at this point in sharing it with the whole range, the highest level solutions, the ability to capture and staff for trouble-free operation for many years, have received training overseas and domestic seminars Zeiss Germany, Japan Goto Know How fetch our company covers created by working within the confines of . Continuous innovation and R & D work in the company created a concept. Professional Video Systems, innovation, quality and reliability technologies that combine offers. Our company is focused on Professional Video Systems design and integration specialist team carries out R & D system. we will definitely be following a passive supplier of any product or business are not symbolic. Who contributed to the presentation of the production planning software to the service-producing screw will each team. Especially eye-catching fish-eye conseptte even superior properties than their counterparts in the follow-up of all the brands we offer sample products.

Furthermore, our company is an expert in the IT industry, the world's leading manufacturers to take steps that will guide the company has set as a target. Ott-planetaryumla American public on this issue is already the third animated film (figures in space, the universe sizes, from blue to red to blue to red) produced. Also next to them are purely domestic animation films (20 years, hubble telescope, universe clock, Hubli task, Watermelon season and Cacabey mederesesi) produced. Addition to all the animation work jointly with NASA fulldome (BTS dome), we have produced a major motion picture. Including domestic softwares have very high quality example of a concept, we are dedicated not exist.

Planetariums Cacabey Astropark brand. Since its inception, the R & D, full-dome planetarium Cacabey the first floor rapid development in the fields of education Astropark established with the brand.



Yıldırım Education and Science Center Cacabey Planetarium
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